Friday, July 30, 2010

Obama on Auto Jobs: Bragging, Denigrating GOP and Omitting Important Facts

There are a few things President Obama never fails to do. One, praise himself. Two, attack Republicans. Three, void as much of reality as necessary to accomplish One and Two.

For example, in his visit to Chrysler's auto plant in Detroit today, President Obama said:

So here's the bottom line. We've got a long way to go. But we're beginning to see some of these tough decisions pay off. We are moving foward.

I want you to remember, though, if some folks had their way, none of this would have been happening. Just want to point that out.

So, he praises himself and attempts to deride Republicans in one breath. I think we can pretty much all see through this one.

But Obama ignores the bigger part of the story. And so do liberals who praise him.

The problem is that Republicans weren't wrong to deride the auto bailouts as unnecessary and potentially harmful to the economy. Yes, Chrysler is going to keep its plant open for two more years and add 900 jobs. Great.

But, of all American auto companies, which is flourishing during this time?

Hint, it's the one that refused the government bailout.

Yes, Ford is doing great right now. It is the true success story. And if private industry was running GM and Chrysler, instead of the government, those companies might be doing better too.

How much taxpayer money was needed to save those 900 Chrysler jobs? Was it worth it? Wouldn't we be in better shape if they had gone the way of Ford instead of the way of government?


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Kold_Kadavr_flatliner said...

Sorry 'bout that. Anyway, my pastor sed today things will git really bad: the cheep-o congress would have already made martial law happen, but the work of prayer defeats it. The WARNING, sent by God Almighty, is gonna happen before. Justo letchu know. God bless.